Ibejii Returns with ‘Brexit Horribilis’

Brexit Horribilis by Ibejii
Brexit Horribilis by Ibejii

In the early 70s, Marvin Gaye captured the imagination of a nation steeped in war, hatred, suffering, and injustice with introspective lyrics in ‘What’s Going On’ that explored themes of drug abuse, poverty, and violence. Today, the world is once again steeped in angst, distrust, hatred, and prejudice; on the verge of environmental calamity; locked in ideological battles that were once thought won.

Brexit Horribilis, a smooth rock anthem, is Ibejii’s reflection on a world gone awry, an international order fallen into disarray and disrepute. Brexit Horribilis taps into today’s international current of disarray, disorder, and confusion.

Tell me where it all went wrong, cause the world is turning upside down.
And the people that we call on to lead us, seems they don’t know how.
And in the midst of all the chaos, tell me who can stretch a helping hand.
Is somebody gonna save us; Is this part of a masterplan.

Still the children ask for God to save the Queen
While the union brings the government to its knees
Tell me, is this never ending, now the walls are caving in
But for now
Everybody’s screaming – Exit
Everybody’s screaming – Brexit

Building walls; Dividing people
Kids in cages; Why so evil
Whatever happened to ‘We The People’


Ibejii, the British born, West Africa originated afro-retro artiste, has three albums released – GreenWhiteDope, Tribal Marks and MSML.

Brexit Horribilis is available on your usual digital music platform from 21 September 2019.


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