Why Chris Brown Picked Karreuche Tran Over Rihanna Revealed!

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Jun 15th, 2013


The whole buzz about Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s separation isn’t so new to the public as much as it has been a huge news for the media.
While Chris Breezy seems to be enjoying life with the new love of his life, Karreuche Tran, the former pair have had several hits at each publicly, via social media and while some might have preferred that Breezy held on to Riri, a reliable source has made it clear that Breezy is really enjoying his relationship with Tran, the source also reveals the reason why Chris prefers his relationship with Tran over that with Rihanna.

It’s clear that Chris likes his relationship with Karrueche more because it’s very laid back. A source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that one of the reasons Chris dumped RiRi was because she was way too needy.

“He’s in charge of his relationships and calls the shots with Kae and she’s down with that,” the source reveals. “[H]e’s cool with where things are with her and so is she. It works out great for his a**.

“She wants too much from him,” the source explains. “Rihanna wants him to be with her all the time, be on her tour, she wants his a** on lockdown.”

“[Rihanna] is jealous that he has a business with Kae,” the source adds. “It wasn’t like he was about to get [Karrueche] out his life just because Rihanna asked him to. Besides, Kae was down for [Chris] when Ri wasn’t. She was his support system and that’s something he won’t forget.”

Well it seems Chris Breezy has got some African traits, “where the man is always in charge of the relationship and all the lady does is to submit humbly”.

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