Weekend blend with Manuel Desola: Unplug and Reflect

By Adeshola Manuel
In Rave
Jun 14th, 2013

From Monday to Friday, the work environment is where most people spend the larger part of their everyday life. For some people, not until Friday night, they are stuck with their job; the vow between them is strict adherence if they do not want their pay check risked. For others, their work shift extends even into the weekend, the cash profit attached to such commitment is sometimes a motive, but usually, the nature of the job they do is the director, while the demand for their products and services is the script they play it by.

During the period at work, the expectations of the employer are not expected to be cut short. Your employer expects you to burn yourself out working for him, a vision he may even volunteer a litre of fuel from his car to accomplish. What matters to your employer are results, geared towards company growth, which also to you, as an employee is what you should live for if you don’t want to live with dismissal, queries or probation. Or as a self employed, you may not wish to accept my exemption letter from this fact. This is because your business growth is determined directly by your actions towards it, positive or negative. You need to grow; the overhead cost has to be accounted for and returns need to take a newer leap every financial year. This implies that, if others are burning their ass for results, as a self employed, you have to slice yours open before putting on fire to achieve greater results. No one wants to partner with a stagnant or slow organization unless yours is not an intending organization but a trial field for prospective business owner.

Every day of the week at work, either as an employer, employee or self employed, or even as an investor according to Robert Kiyosaki’s forth quadrant in his book ‘Cash flow Quadrant’, you need to put yourself into your job. You need to learn fast and vast, go wide in it and increase the level of your competency and usefulness. This will earn you more recognition on the job, will expand your relevance and of course, you will always smile to the bank unless your face has been structured to look like that of the footballer called Bance no matter what.

This article, for clarity, is not about the good, the bad and the ugly of the labour market, as l prefer to leave that aspect with corporate investors and financial guru for proper analyses. But it’s about you, it is about how you let the work week be the work week, and your weekend your weekend. It is about how you ought to work when you have to and relax when you need to. So the question is when and why should you relax? When should be during the weekend and here is the why; Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful people Do on Weekend (Portfolio 2012) says “you need to hit Monday ready to go” and “to do that, you need weekends that rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust or disappoint you” Every week gets its strength from what you do or don’t do, what decision and activities you indulge in or don’t indulge in during the weekend. This is why some people would choose A NIGHT OF A THOUSAND NIGHT over official obligations during weekends.

Weekends are rear period to reflect on previous weeks and plan for the coming week. Unfortunately, to make the brain useful for the week ahead, you need a proper frame of mind; you need to engage in any activity that can help relax your mind. So, having done so much at work this week, how do you plan to relax this weekend? I have a suggestion for you, relax with a family.

Unplug yourself from any official thinking and day to day worrying over your work, at least for few hours. Give a family member a call for a visit. The visit would afford you access to their welcoming hands and warm heart, with a smile that can dissolve any official head-ache. You may decide to talk about old times which may spur uncontrollable laughter. If this family have kids, talk to them like an uncle or aunty, share their academic issues and solve them. The smile and appreciative look you get from it is what you need; a sense of being there for them. Whatever you want to do, a visit to a family- seeing them fine, helping them in any way, a sincere concern about them; sharing their worries and happiness, can refresh and calm you for the coming week.

Until next time, this is what Revathi Sankaran has to say “Everybody needs some time to rejuvenate, refresh, recharge and begin again. Seeing babies face is the best way to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge.”


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