Weekend Blend With Manuel Desola: If It Is Not Lively, Don’t Name It Weekend

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Jul 19th, 2013

I want you to push aside your right to call it how it suits you or what we generally know it to be. Would also want you to ignore the letter ‘W’ that starts it as a word and letter ‘D’ that ends it as a noun. It would be nothing close to being called a weekend if all you do is be in a work mood, refusing to go with the flow that is known with weekend mode. It is important to note that weekdays and weekends have different tone, expectations and general aura that surround them, which usually dictates the tune.  For instance, weekdays mainly are the traditional working days in a week which begins on Monday down to Friday. Whenever it is Monday, it naturally indicates everyone must engage in anything productive, either as a student who goes to school or adult who works. You only get to be exempted based on certain conditions, either because you are a baby between the age of one day old to about one year old before you start your crèche-depending on the home you come from, or because you have turn a baby between the age of sixty and above. As an old baby, you will be into it, so much your teeth will start falling. Then after, you may start imagining you carry potty about, round your waist that everywhere begins to look like a toilet; you Wee and Poo on the go. No wonder we have pampers for adults. Those who may also be exempted from any productive engagement on weekdays are the physically challenged, pregnant women not men, sick people to mention a few.

Weekends on the other hand refers to the period of the week that supposedly start from Saturday, but because of certain exciting arrangements and provisions made, Friday nights has been included in the equation, which then runs till Sunday night. This time, everyone, at least a reasonable number of the population in any society take a break from any serious engagement in pursuit of any personal, domestic or social obligation. But of course, unless your own weekend has sold its birth right to the weekdays, then you will be expected to be free on weekdays and productively busy on weekends.

From all indications, and all other things being equal, activities within the weekdays are expected to be different from activities on weekends. While weekday activities are bound to be serious, professional, formal and sometimes anti-social. Weekend experience is expected to be the direct opposite of what we have going during the weekdays. Also, the weekday is for your employer or work demand (business), while the weekend is for friends and family and/or social occasion.

One thing is undeniably interesting about the mood of these two periods of the week, each period tell its own story with the mood it offers, along with  its own pace and expectations. For instance, from Monday, everything around you tends toward official activities. The residential environment becomes deserted while the work environment becomes occupied. Files fly around, official meeting kicks off, school buses everywhere, and hold up builds up and most social events or functions somehow put a hold on its relevance. But on weekends, let’s simply tag the mood ‘free, fun and friendly’. I bet you, it may not be your occasion, but there is definitely one occasion around, one event, show, marriage ceremony, birthday, dates and so more and so …………… around your neighbourhood or in your community that expresses the opinion of weekends.

Therefore, it can never be a weekend if it is not ‘the weekend’, neither can it be a weekend if you are too stiff to allow it have its way. If by Friday night you couldn’t drop your formal seriousness at work, on Saturday you still carry files and folders within the house  and on Sunday, you are busy making official calls and arranging meetings, then please don’t ever answer ‘ my weekend was good’ on Monday whenever anyone wants to know how it went. Just say, my week is productive.

I am not saying you can’t take some unfinished work home over the weekend, but you need to be less worked out on weekends. Give yourself totally to the warm embrace of fun you can get over the weekend. See it this way; the weekend is for you to use it how it pleases you with its other advantage, to enhance you personally, psychological, spiritually, and emotionally.

Until next time, let’s make the weekend do its thing.


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