Weekend Blend With Manuel Desola: How Fun Is The Weekend Without Fund

By Adeshola Manuel
In Inspirational
Jul 5th, 2013

I would like to share a few line from a private conversation I listened to sometimes back. But before I do, would like to issue a disclaimer that I don’t eavesdrop. Or if I would rephrase; I don’t naturally eavesdrop. I only do whenever my spirit is trying to speak to me. When it gets inspirational, poking my nose into people’s affair becomes a supernatural endeavor. Doing it comes with so much ease and skills. When the spirit become overwhelming, I won’t need to be too close to get the gist, and when I do, I can’t pretend I didn’t hear, sometimes I even volunteer to offer some advice.

So that was how I picked the conversation between two of my colleagues last week Friday during my lunch.

Colleague I- “I need cash, really feel like having the best of this weekend”

Colleague II- “hmmmm, not sure you need cash to do that?”

Colleague I -“I don’t get you, what kind of fun can I get without cash?”

Colleague II -“Of course there are several ways you can make the weekend count without………you know what I mean!”

Colleague I -“I don’t so tell me”

Colleague II- “I don’t know…….. But it kind of depend on what you define as fun”

Colleagues I -laughed and said “like I don’t know you have nothing to say. You think I have time for your kind of fun; visiting family, and reading. I’m talking about real fun man!”

Colleague II “hmmmm, so to you, spending money without purpose is fun?”

Colleague I raised his eye brow to say something nasty but changed his mind when he realized I was staring at them laughing. I mean I can’t help it.  But then, their conversation got me thinking. It is obvious what feels like fun to someone is the definition of boredom to another. While on the other hand, what feels like the best thing in this world, form the basis of prodigality from another man’s perspective. I will be quick to point out here that the definition of fun however is a function of individual personality, what is available and ability to afford what it takes to have such experience.

Fun could be any engagement that gives enjoyment or pleasure and makes you feel happy. Apparently, this definition fails to render a unifying approach, both in definition and concept to the idea of fun. So you can decide to have whatever fun based on your budget, as long as you find pleasure in what you do, that’s all that matters.  It’s then possible to be in your house and be pleased or outdoor and be happy. Personality on its own I doubt can justify any importance of fund around the concept of fun. Personality in itself is the various aspect of a person’s character that is combined to make them different from other people. So your personality is why you do things the way you do, which forms your ideal fun, not cash.  Some of these characters are individual traits, and are either inbuilt (through genes) or emulated (by growing, exposure and peer influence). Whereas, these traits are capable of deciding the direction cash go sometimes. For example, your person is why you love alcohol. Thus, you spend so much on beer or wine. But contrary to this, the cash you have can’t make you naturally buy beer to drink if you don’t like alcohol.

If I won’t delve into other factors that could affect weekend fun; like the friends you keep, the area you stay and the career you choose. Weekend fun or any other fun for that matter can be a hip of unforgettable experience with or without cash. Having fun appears to be an individual thing from all indications. Not until you find other people who share your interest; it would be difficult to assume a unifying definition of your kind of fun. But howbeit, fun should add, with the already existing pleasure and happiness it offers, a sense of responsibility to its scope. Such that, whatever would be fun, should be that which could be accounted for. As long as you don’t have much cash that can expose you to the general idea of fun, try to define who you are and make something happen around that.

You can have an entertainment swap with a friend where by you have the friend bring a pile of DVDs, Video games and exchange for what you have.  You can take a stab at writing; about yourself, your spouse or family. Try to donate some unwanted things to charity and make someone smile. Learn new music or how to play musical instruments. Hold a baby which is so enjoyable especially when you watch them drift off to sleep in your arms. Get involved in any soul saving mission, start a workout routine, go to church and be a kingdom servant. Try a basic meditation technique which can help you push stress out of your life and calm you. Volunteer your time on projects that need nothing more than your time. Dig up family trees or histories, learn other languages, and embark on ideas that can help generate extra stream of incomes.

Of course, it is cool when you have cash to throw around, but when you don’t, how fun can the weekend get?



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