Weekend Blend With Manuel Desola: A toast to the weekend

By Adeshola Manuel
In Rave
Sep 14th, 2013

Today, I want you to make a toast to the weekend, the all important host of the day; being your pilot on the journey to clear the head of all worries. With so much promises and offer to its credit, you can look forward to it as a day of fun and smooth ride into flow of events. As the time ticks and the hands engage the count, you are getting to the kick off of a moment with fun. The evening draws in to gather momentum for the night wherewith you welcome the twist of the events; from work to fun, office to clubbing all in a compact frame of mind. Soon it will be Friday night, a relevant day that encourages uncontrollable level of appreciation to God in heaven, from the use of the acronym ‘TGIF’, to a worthy utterance of the phrase ‘Thank God it’s Friday’. You should appreciate this night called ‘Friday night’ and enjoy the privileges as it host you to its exquisite gifts of sound, sight, events, colours, dance, ambiance, reunion, sleep, break, ideas to mention a few.

A toast to the weekend, without which, there is no break, without break there is no fun and without fun you would be like Mr Jack who likes work and have no time to play. Although you should like work, at least for all the benefits it offers; the benefits of bread on the table, sense of belonging, sense of growth, sense of progress, sense of togetherness and achievements. Then, you equally need an appreciable time out to play, to have fun with friends and family, relax the body and get rejuvenated for the coming week, think and come up with new ideas, explore and tour the world, and most importantly to share a bond with those that make living or working meaningful to you.

The weekend offers to host you 52 times out of the 365 days in a year. Sum the number of years you have used where you work or since you have been working. If you are a student, sum it from the age you started going to school and multiply the added number of years by 52. Whatever you get is the number of times the weekend has hosted you to its free time and offers. For the remaining time ahead which no man can determine, they are days the weekend will definitely host you.

A toast to the weekend the host of the day as it promises to treat you to a buffet. Before you are the different choices of fun to have, the places of fun are equally yours. The weekend sets before you varieties to pick from. As your capacity is for fun, the weekend will make provision for you to make choices. If you can combine multiple events without feeling stripped of your sense of dignity, the weekend is all yours. If your wish is to combine foreign and local experiences, the floor is yours to dish yourself a plate of unforgettable memories within the country and across the world. Serve it the way you’d like and have fun the way you won’t forget.

Look to the sky, what can you see? I will tell you. Beckoning is the opportunity to end the week in grand style and begin another week with pleasure. Almost everybody like Friday and the activities around it but most detest Sunday night since it mark the end of the weekend. However, the weekend ensures unforgettable experiences and gives a blend of packaged fun. First, be glad for life to see yet another weekend, and then be ready to enjoy the weekend and everything it offers. Make a toast to the weekend, appreciate what it offers and place a value on it. Look forward to the coming week, the quicker it comes, the faster it ends and another weekend fun uncovered. Get a glass of wine, raise it up and make a toast to the weekend.

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