Tutorial: Make yourself a bracelet with your old zipper

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Jan 6th, 2013

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Hello naijaPOSERS, this tutorial shows how you can make your own bracelet with a Zipper. It is a step-by-step tutorial. The pictures will guide you.

You will need:

  • 2 very thin needles
  • nylon thread of 0.25 mm
  • a zipper with nylon teeth (teeth in metal and plastic were not pierced)
  • swarovski pearls or of other kind
  • cups to close
  • metal wire from 0.6 mm
  • a closure

Cut about a meter of nylon and puts the two leaders in the needles.


Remove the metal clip that is at the end of the zipper and open it so as to separate the teeth that form the central body of the hinge itself. threader for a needle in a tooth on the right and the other needle in the tooth of the left symmetrically opposite.

In the left-hand threads on one wire swarovski

Now pass the needle with the thread right inside the swarovski


The wires inside the swarovski will cross, pulls the strings so as to bring the two tapes.
(A) Proceed by sliding the needles and yarn in the next three teeth  
(B) Thread the wire left one swarovski

(C) Thread with swarovski right in, pull …

Proceed repeating the steps from (A) (B) (C) up to the desired length

Once you have finished processing, back by reviewing the threads in the needles and the swarovski, so they’ll be stuck, cut the excess wire.


Cut the ribbon as shown in the picture.



Wrap a piece of wire of 0.6 mm entambe ends, puts a bowl and make a ‘closed loop. Snap the snap and you’re done.

And if you have a zip longest you can make a double bracelet like this.

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