Save that skin: 12 evil things you do to your skin everyday

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Nov 22nd, 2012
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  • You sleep with make-up

This is very bad. Never sleep with make-up on. Don’t even try it occasionally. The problems can affect your skin for a while. This should never be an option.

  • You wash your face with bar soap

You want to retain that smooth, soft face. Put that bar soap away. While it may be laudable to keep your face clean, using bar soap makes your face dry and irritated. Bar soaps destroy your skin’s protective lipid barricade and leaves unwanted residue over your skin. You should get yourself a facial wash.

  • You never moisturize

Moisture is what keeps your skin soft, velvety and hydrated. Most people assume that their skins are hydrated simply because they have oily skin. This is untrue. Refusing to moisturize even an oily skin leads to clogging of pores. This causes blackheads and a lot of other skin disturbances. It is healthy to keep the skin moisturized twice daily.

  • You forget to exfoliate

You complain of breakouts yet you don’t believe in the ministry of exfoliation. How can that be? Exfoliating with Glycolic acid or granular scrubs will help to remove dead skins that clog pores. Exfoliating twice a week helps to make your complexion better.

  • You over-exfoliate

Aha! Because I mentioned that you don’t exfoliate you started to overdo it. Come on! Don’t mix and match too often such as using an acid-based  moisturizer and an exfoliating cream on the same day can ruin your skin.

  • You don’t throw make-up away

This is hilarious. I have seen women who have clung to old make-up kits rather than discard them due to some nostalgic feeling. They ended up running the risk of using them and then reacting terribly to it. Throw expired make-up away. Abeg.

  • You do not sunscreen on cloudy days

Sun screening isn’t just for when the sun is out there glaring at us. The UV effects of the sun are also there on cloudy days.  SPF helps to protect your skins from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which cause skin cancer. Most people forget that about 90 percent of skin wrinkles are caused by the sun. Use a moisturizer with SPF protection every day.

  • You do not want to sleep

Many people (I fall into that category too) lack good sleep hours. Sleeping time is an opportunity for the body to repair itself. If you’re routinely sleep-deprived, your complexion will show it. Get the beauty sleep you deserve and you’ll wake up to better skin.

  • You don’t know what’s in your cosmetic

You should. Learn the things that work for your body and things that don’t. Last time you reacted badly to a soap and another time to another cream. Do you have an idea what Zinc does to your skin? Anyway it protects your skin.

  • You don’t eat good food

Avocado pear contains the fatty acids you need to keep you skin aglow. Add good food to your diet. Carrots are great. Add a good amount of fruits and vegetable to your daily diet. Also drink eight glasses of water a day.

  • You don’t use oil on your face

That you have an oily face or skin doesn’t mean you should avoid using oil on your face. Infact it has been learnt that using essential oils on face kills bacteria that cause breakouts and can help to slow down the rate of oil production from the sebum glands usually as a result of over-cleansing.

  • You drink too much cow milk

Skin experts have discovered that dairy products such as cow milk can make your acne go worse and accelerate your ageing process. They usually have more effects on women due to their hormonal nature.


Your skin says everything about you and a beautiful, tender skin can go a long way to help you boost your confidence in yourself.

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  1. joy says:

    Thank you for the tips but you got me confused with drinking of milk.I thought we are told to drink milk everyday?please enlighten

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