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You’ve been dating this person for a while, or it’s only new but you want to convince yourself that what you feel is really love. Just a form of guarantee that you have something strong enough to build a relationship on or something strong enough for a bigger step. Check each of these points if they are present

Gratitude: The thought of this person comes with gratitude from your heart. You are often thankful for having them in your life.

Comfort: When you’re with her or him is when you are best comfortable. You could spend the entire day with them even if you both say nothing. There is a peace of mind that comes with the thought and presence of this person and you don’t even mind being a spoilt brat when you’re with them.

The thought of hurting them, hurts you: You can’t stand seeing them hurt and the thought of doing or saying that thing that will hurt them, breaks your own heart.

You always want to show them off

Prayer: You find yourself praying for this person, you want them to always be happy thereby pushing you to talk about them with the supreme God as you can’t do everything for this your partner but well, you can beg God to keep them for you.

LOVE is a beautiful feeling. The above signs shouldn’t only be present in the beginning of your relationship, so if you no longer feel comfortable around your spouse and you don’t trust them enough to close your eyes to sleep while you’re with them, then you need to take a chill pill and ask yourself where things went wrong. Fix things if you can as love doesn’t give up quickly.

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