Lakunmi’s Chopsticks: Street Manners

By Lakunmi Balogun
In Rave
Jun 29th, 2013

There are a couple of street manners that we should have. You must know that the first on this list is the driving force behind this piece. Don’t just read, I have included solutions to every bad street manner so please, let’s represent ourselves well on the streets.




I was on my way out some days back, and in this other car were some Indian guys, talking and laughing like they weren’t bothered about the traffic. Just as I was trying to decide which one to admire to ease my traffic tension, one of them stuck his head out of the car and spat!

He ruined the moment and even made the traffic more annoying. I was really disgusted, couldn’t even admire any of them! They all looked dirty from that moment.

Like that wasn’t unfair enough, I was at the market on the same day, walking with my bag hugging my body and my hands close so I don’t hit any one. Coming towards me was a tall, dark, sane looking man. As he approached me, he opened his mouth to release the liquid obviously directed at the floor. I wouldn’t be upset if the liquid went straight to the floor as it was meant to! Alas, my arm shared in the acceptance of this man’s saliva! Sincerely, I wasn’t sure what to do at that moment but I’m not sure you wanna know the concluding part of that scene.

Its a very bad habit to spit in the streets, that’s why handy tissues are sold, spit in it and trash it.




When you are alone in your room, you are free to dig your nose off! Nobody cares! But when on the street, please help your self esteem by avoiding digging. If you get so tickled in the nostrils, you can massage the nose with two of your fingers or pinch it. Its a dirty habit to dig.



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Having a wedgie is common with ladies and its not such a bad thing, you only get little discomfort. If the wedgie is so bad, go into a fast food outlet’s convenience or a public convenience to get it out. Please don’t even try removing on the street. Don’t form smartness because no matter how much you try, people will wonder what you are getting at when they see your hand crawling towards your own backside!




Now, this is common with the dudes. Its so bad, everywhere on the streets has a man standing, taking a leak facing a wall or a gutter! Because you have the ability to do some things doesn’t mean you have to do them. Afterall, we all know the fastest way to die, yet we are all here reading an article instead of rehearsing. Please, guys, stop sticking yourself out on the streets, stop scaring the 5 year olds on the streets. Besides, it doesn’t speak well of you. There are conveniences everywhere, please use one. You don’t feel pressed 17 times on the street so the onces or twice tinkles should be done in any closeby Uncle Charlie!




I was at the Computer Village (Lagos) with my friends. Getting there, we realized there was a fire and everyone passing stopped to watch. As we tried finding our way out of the crowd, we noticed some dudes busy picking  phones of the on-lookers.

Staring is common with everyone regardless of their station in life. Some people can stare to save a nation! If you didn’t know, its bad manners to stare at people. Nobody is saying don’t look or take a glance or two. You can time yourself, after about 6 seconds, look away. You know how you feel when someone is staring at you, so why would you want to make another uncomfortable?




Sweating is normal and no one can help it, but using your fingers to get the sweat off your face like a labourer is not cool! If its so much sweat, its gonna splash on someone.

Please handkerchiefs are just 50 box or less. If you dropped one at home, just buy another on the streets. Its a dirty habit to wipe or scoop your sweat with your fingers and it would be worse when someone gets a share in it. Its disgusting!

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