Lakunmi’s Chopsticks: On Temperaments and Love

By Lakunmi Balogun
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Jul 6th, 2013

Depending on your personality, your temperament is made obvious to the world. There are Four Temperaments and I’m gonna tell you abit about each before I move to what this is really about.

1. SANGUINE :Sanguines are sociable people. They laugh on the hard days, are creative, enthusiastic and always have the energy to start what they love to do! Sanguines love to be popular so they acquire lots of friends.

That person that you felt like you had known for ages on the first day you met them is most likely a Sanguine!

2. CHOLERIC : Cholerics are strong people. They have a strong leadership charisma.They are faithful, brave, and have the freedom to be on their own. They’re strong-willed, assertive, goal oriented, well organized and they don’t really need friends. They are usually the superior ones in emergencies. I guess Mr. President has a connection with this temperament.

3. MELANCHOLIC: Melancholics are sensitive people. They have the depth to see the heart and soul of life, are artistic enough to appreciate the art. They are thoughtful, analytical, serious, and are talented. They are perfectionist, so they love details. That friend of yours that you have to wait on for 3 minutes for response to your quick question is probably a Mel!

4. PHLEGMATIC: Phlegmatics are peaceful people. They are always stable, patient, and have compassion for others. They are humble, silent, controlled, good listeners and always happy with their life. They are usually the mediators and are easy to get along with. They could be called annoying saints!

  Now that you have gotten the idea, I’m gonna take you through what the love lives of these temperaments could look like. This would even help you understand your lover well enough and treat them just the way they like it.   Sanguine Love Sanguine personality is most compatible with its own type because this is the most adventurous of four temperaments. These people are looking for a play mate, someone who will go adventuring with them, be it in conversation, in bed, or around the world. They are likely to take you to all manner of art and cultural events, movies, shows and exotic restaurants. You might notice their attraction to complex designs, abstract art, their preference to sour, spicy and crunchy food. Because of their extrovert nature and constant cravings for variety, most of them had a lot of experience in dating and can adjust to almost any courtship situation. They are friendly and enthusiastic and have no desire to control you, so you are likely to feel comfortable and at ease with them. These people are also generous and are likely to give gifts early in the relationship. If you are dating one, you already know what to do to please them. They would make your world perfect but they could get out of hand. Its not unlikely that a sanguine would not keep to promises and getting over people is not so difficult for them.   Choleric Love The cholerics wouldn’t bother much about getting into a relationship. There are so many other things that need to be fixed. When a choleric gets attached to anyone emotionally, it becomes another business opportunity that must come through to favour them. Be it male or female, a choleric is serious with relationships but doesn’t show so much affection. When cholerics marry each other, that’s what we call Career woman vs Career man! A choleric isn’t the chatty kind of person, they prefer to call, talk about it and continue with the days activity so if your significant other (lover) is like that, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, they are just serious people. If you are a smart being dating a choleric, then you would enjoy them better. When it comes to getting broken hearted, the choleric get wounded deeply when love fails them. Cholerics don’t mind time-outs from their rigidity, but be sure that they would prefer adventures like rock climbing and boat rides. Be sure that a chol would take you out because they want to show you off. They are concerned with their social standard so its not rare for a chol to date the most classy and good looking partner.   Melancholy Love

A sanguine, dating a melancholy could be like hell on earth! I had one as a bestfriend in my teenage-hood and his quietness was like a purposeful frustration! When it comes to love, you would have to beg to create a fight. You have to be careful not to offend them though because their minds are stronger than we all think and it doesn’t help them forgive easily.

A mel barely gets the courage to ask a lady out and as a mel female, she might not admit to having any strong emotional thing for you. Because they barely speak their minds, their lover has to be observant enough to know when they need some emotional supports. They are prone to depression so they really need some tender loving. The good part is, you would never tell when they are planning a surprise and they are good listeners.

Mels like mind games such as chess. They aren’t rushing nowhere so that might even be their favourite game. They love to be indoor so they don’t mind monopoly either. Because of a mels connection with the soul, you can take them on cool groove concerts in a small place like a bar or lounge.   Plegmatic Love Plegs are so easy going and they rarely see things as offensive. They like to tread easy so they even try to be careful with their choice of partners. They love with all tenderness and they forgive almost always. They are the mushy lovers and they look forward to long term commitment once they decide to give in to love.

And speaking of ‘take me home to mamah’ , be sure that a phleg would be quick to take you home. They are pleasant people so they could treat you right! If you can get them to laugh out loud, it would be cool but they could feel embarassed about it.They are really reserved but movies aint bad for them.

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