Lakunmi’s Chopsticks: 6 sexy ways to say shut up!

By Lakunmi Balogun
In Rave
Jul 20th, 2013

Intoroductory photo Sometimes, you just wanna be quiet and your partner is not seeing it! Don’t get all rude about it, you can say shut up in some sexy ways!

Be sure that what they are talking to you about isn’t sensitive so you don’t hurt their feelings but if it’s some random gist, get sexy in the shut up groove!


Compliments; Yea, compliments work all the time. While he/she is busy talking about some boring stuff, just chip in compliments that could get them distracted. If you are smart enough, you would do a follow up so that they don’t notice the shut up!


Cute cheek tap; please note that it’s supposed to be a TAP! Not a SLAP! When it’s the latter, then it’s far from sexy. Two of your fingers will do, on the cheek, as soft as it can be. Don’t go bitch-slapping your partner across the face! That aint sexy!


Funny Faces

funny faces This could be creepy and mischievous but really cute! When your partner starts the conversation and you aint in that mood, just start making funny faces 🙂 😀 😉 😛 :s…..




Sweet Talk: Better still, you could tell them you aint in the mood for the talk but in a sexy way…’Hun, I just wanna silently stare at your gorgeous self, let’s talk about this later, k?’


The silence Game

silence game Do you recall that game you probably played into your teenage-hood? the game where you’d say – ‘Let’s see who blinks first’. You both have your eyes fixed on each other and most times, nobody wants to talk while playing that game because talking just seems like a distraction.

If this game doesn’t help your partner to shut, then act like you just invented another game which, this time, would be ‘Let’s see who talks first’.


The kiss

kiss Well, this doesn’t just happen in the movies, it works in reality as well. Really, it’s a cute thing to do so if you’ve never tried shutting your partner up with an impromptu kiss, try it! They’ll come around talking too much again tomorrow!

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