Lakunmi’s Chopstick: Love And Jealousy

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Jul 19th, 2015


What’s this thing called love and what does Jealousy have to do with it? It’s of no doubt that we all crave a little jealousy from the person we love, we want them to show us that we mean a lot to them and they are not ready to lose us to anything or anyone else for that matter. `


However, when does jealousy become madness? Sometimes, we look at it as small madness but it really isn’t. When jealousy goes wrong, it can destroy beautiful things beyond repair. Like your beautiful face can just become the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, your school certificate can take a long vacation in the shredding machine, you might have to apply for a new visa; you could even lose your private man.

Jealousy in love shouldn’t exist as a result of distrust, you must understand the difference. When your lover is being a little protective, be sure that it’s only because they don’t trust other people not because they don’t trust you! When it’s you that’s not trusted, then that’s another problem that should be taken care of. Love is protective of its treasure, it’s not possessive.

If you are married and you are experiencing some madness in the name of jealousy, you would have to take your time to single out what gets your spouse crazy jealous then take it OUT! If it’s something that really cannot be taken out, not even for the love you share, then speak with someone your spouse has a lot of respect for.


When Jealousy is a daily occurrence: when jealousy is a daily occurrence in your relationship, you might want to call yourselves to order. When you miss their call, when you take too long to reply their message, when you don’t say I love you after every conversation…

If you hate how often you get jealous, try replacing your display of jealousy with extra display of love.

When they begin to get physical: this usually starts gradually….a crazy jealous person starts to intimidate you. Jealousy shouldn’t intimidate you, it should protect you. Sometimes, it graduates into slaps….that’s madness, not jealousy.

Being Possessive: Being possessive is very different from being in love. Jealousy is almost a part of love as it’s the part that seeks to protect the one you love but possessiveness is when you almost want to tie your spouse down so they never get out of your watchful eyes and in some cases, you give them selfish reasons to not see their friends and sometimes, family!

If you are gradually becoming crazy jealous, watch yourself, it doesn’t just hurt your relationship, it turns you into a crazy person. You become someone you don’t even want to be friends with and it certainly doesn’t put your spirit at rest. Young people also have the habit of playing with jealousy, they jokingly act jealous but this is not healthy. Jealousy has a way of taking people over. Always be sure that you are to being possessive.

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2 Responses to “Lakunmi’s Chopstick: Love And Jealousy”

  1. gracie says:

    Lovely piece. This should teach most of the ladies out there how to fix themselves

  2. gracie says:

    Lovely piece. This should teach most of the ladies out there how to fix themselves

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