Koye’s List: The best 20 Nigerian blogs

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Jan 22nd, 2013

Segun Adekoye compiles his own list of The best 20 Nigerian blogs. This list does not give a standard. It is purely his own opinion and fabrication and may be used as a standard for whoever chooses to. They are as follows;

1.Linda Ikeji: What makes Linda’s blog interesting is the kind of posts she makes and the amazing comments she gets. Linda’s blog is like a Nigerian movie. There are characters and there’s the script. The characters are the LIBer (as they are fondly called). Comments range from hilarious to sarcastic. Nothing short of a beer-parlour drama. I usually take time to read all the comments and they really get me cracking. The comments are my high point.

2. Bella Naija: is just the blog to own. Beautiful style of writing, borne out of research. Structured, well laid-out, fine use of tenses and lexis. Bella Naija has everything a magazine should have and is the model of what an online magazine should be like. I love Bella Naija.

3. Ladun Liadi: Behind the simple, fast-loading blog called ladunliadi.blogspot.com is an owner bearing Oladunni. The pace at which Ladun gives gists as well as how recent it is makes it a very interesting blog to visit. Has a similar style to Linda’s so once you are not on Linda Ikeji’s blog, you’ll probably be on Ladun’s blog or vice versa.

4. 234direct: I found this site at a time when I was looking for international opportunities and I just couldn’t get them. 234direct.com gives you the latest competitions, scholarships, fellowships and international careers that are beneficial to Nigerians and people worldwide. I simply subscribed for their email alerts.

5. naijaPOSE: What is shocking about this blog is how fast it grew. The self-acclaimed Nigeria’s fastest fashion, photography and style blogs is really moving at an amazing speed. Check Alexa rankings. Within three months it had established itself as the celebrity-watch magazine. It churned out articles that went viral such as The 10 most kissable female celebrities in Nigeria, The 10 sexiest Nigerian men alive, Nigerian celebrities and the animated characters they look like, The 10 most kissable male celebrities in Nigeria and Nigerian celebrities and what their babies would look like. They have a bunch of creative writers.

6. CP Africa: Celebrating Progress Africa is a site that I pretty like. Apart from the fact that I used to write for them, It’s a great resource of knowledge as well as a site that chronicles the developments taking place Africa-wide. It’s unique and is one of the few of its kind. I’m a huge fan of the blog.

7. GISTville: Wish I knew who owned this blog. The blog has updated local and foreign gossips and the good things is it’s mostly current. May still be unknown to a lot of people because it is relatively new. This site however is rising pretty fast and Bella Naija should watch out for it.

8. Ogbongeblog: If I told you that there’s no technology site like Ogbongeblog in Nigeria, I doubt if you’ll believe me. What Ogbongeblog does is to simplify things and make them look like a piece of cake. If you ask silly questions such as How do I check my airtime balance? How do I subscribe to BIS on Glo? How do I start a blog? How do I monetize a blog? How do I install apps on my Blackberry? How can I switch off my iPad? Ogbongeblog will teach you. I am subscribed to this blog too.

9. 360nobs: There’s something about 360nobs that’s hard to hate. Swagz. 360nobs writers have swags. There’s a way they write and the rate at which they churn out recent articles makes them the blog to visit for music lovers and entertainment cravers. Looks like a blog dominated by men; Noble Igwe, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Wana, Oye like that like that.

10. OneNigerianBoy: The owner of this blog is my friend, Terence Sambo and in my opinion is mostly insane. I don’t mean he’s mad. I mean different in the way he dresses and lives. He embodies what they call fashion and his blog onenigerianboy.com represents it. Looking for One of Nigeria’s top 5 fashion blogs, there goes Number 1.

11. Creativewritingnews: This blog won an award as the most creative something (can’t remember). The blog is owned by a writer, a very good one for that matter. Google the name Chioma Iwunze. On this blog, she shares the latest opportunities in the creative writing world as well as tips that can make one a better writer. The blog is at creativewritingnews.blogspot.com..

12. Onobello: Onobello has carved itself a niche in fashion and I expect the site to receive more views than it does. Usually has exclusive and unique content and would be rated among Nigeria’s top 50 fashion sites.

13. Naijatreks: Imagine getting stuck in one part of Nigeria and then you have the opportunity to visit several other places because one weird guy transports (treks) himself to these places and takes pictures. This blog is Nigeria’s number 1 travel blog and I hope it evolves beyond what it is. It has very great potentials. I can sit in my house and visit the whole Nigeria through naijatreks.com

14. that1960chick: The owner of the blog is classy, I guess that’s why she used the name. Nigeria had it’s independence in 1960 so I assume that it is another name for thatnigerianchick. The sites follows the likes of Linda Ikeji and has some exclusive and interesting gists. Usually floats between gossip and fashion.

15. Nigeriabestjobs: No vex. Na we all dey find jobs for Naija. This site posts very good job opportunities, literally the best jobs you can get in Nigeria. Little wonder for the name. I am a regular visitor (covers face) and I like the site. Always very current.

16. Eurekanaija.com: This site should be up-the-list. I love the blog. This is my favorite personal blog of a writer. I mean you need to enter Osemhen Akhibi’s head to wonder what goes on in there. She is a fantastic writer and story-teller and her rants are stuff I look forward to. I’m subscribed to the blog. And if you are wondering if a Nigerian will win the Orange Prize for fiction soon, bet me she will. Pretty soon.

17. Naijastories: A unique reservoir of Nigerian stories. This is a spot where you’ll find Nigerian writers and their stories. I actually wanted to set a blog like this but the owner Myne Whitman was faster and I really appreciate her efforts in taking the Nigerian stories global. Reminds me that I still have a domain called naijawrites.com and I haven’t done anything with it for three years (shocked).

18. Tekedia: I love Tekedia. They write technology stuff every day. Just that they stopped writing for a while and picked up again. It’s a global technology site that is Nigerian-owned. So I visit but not-so frequently sha.

19. Ynaija: Y! would I miss out YNaija? As in, I don’t get. YNaija is very unique and youth-centric. It’s another blog with style that I like very much. I remember they published one of my write-ups Ten things I learnt from the SeunWrites- End the Story Competition. YNaija represents a team of Nigerians that are intelligent and are set to change the society for better.

Huh? Did I hear you ask for Number 20? Do you want to kill me? Number 20 consists of the blogs that I forgot to mention. They include TechnologyAvenue.com.ng, Omojuwa.com (I’m not that into politics), Seunwrites.com (Although he hasn’t updated it since the last competition), Easykobo.com, ermmm who else? They are many. Before you start to vent, this is Koye’s List.

If you were to put a favorite blog for the number 20 position, which would it be?

25 Responses to “Koye’s List: The best 20 Nigerian blogs”

  1. Glad to see my blog in the list. Nice one there bro but why are your blogs in the list?

    Guess, I need to write a tutorial on my blog, on how to pose as a Naija guy…lol

  2. How could you have blogs with same NICHE
    Over 5 of them and this same blog on the list
    Self Appraisal isnt bad anyway.
    Seems to be sentimental rating for me except for some
    Few blogs that warrants them

  3. Jarus says:

    Nice compilation. I recently launched my blog, http://www.jarushub.wordpress.com, and I have no doubt that by the of 2010 I will break into Nigeria’s Top 10 blogs.

    Meanwhile, where is omojuwa on your list?

  4. Giovanni says:


    VISIT : http://www.chronushitlist.com


  5. nigerian says:

    Men adore charming, open-minded women. Open yourself and let him get a taste of your personality, if he like what he sees then you`re on the right path. Joke around, pretend like time and space are inexistent, make yourself and your partner rejoice the present.

  6. am sure that with the number of bloggers and blogs we have in naija, there should be more than twenty on this list!

  7. only 20 with how we plenty reach? There should be more!

  8. Nice one but you missed out http://www.foladaniel.wordpress.com Obviously you have not been reading it!

  9. You left out ladun liadi

  10. flo says:

    D best is linda ikeji n bella naija

  11. Bomi Ehimony says:

    Nice list, buh I’m pretty sure it’s not written chronologically. I started this blog not too long ago. I just write and that’s it. http://www.diaryofbomiehimony.blogspot.com it’s mostly enjoyable, I guess people may like it, maybe!

  12. Ehis says:

    Download and Listen to this, You’re gonna love it : http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/je9swe4lwum8

  13. Tuny says:

    U left out Jaguda, Notjustok, Tooxclusive… these are top blogs influencing the entertainment industry

  14. So my blog wasn’t mention? I feel hurt! You guys should check out http://www.sisiyemmie.com

  15. stockbull says:

    you should pick those sites across many nich like business, sports,fashion, news etc

  16. Chioma says:

    Osaseye.blogpsot.com is running the show right now. The guy has raw information about Nigeria. It has no Ads and no copying the cat. The template will make you fall in love. Just go see for yourself. I would nominate it for top 5 blogs right now and number 1 rising new blog

  17. Onyema says:

    That is a nice list. But u did not include much tech blog in ur list like worldbasetech.blogspot.com. A powerful nd up rising IT Base blog in naija.

  18. Thanks for the insight, appreciated.

  19. LetsAllGoBackToSkool says:

    There r only 4 entertainment/lifestyle blogs in Nigeria – Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, 360nobs & theNetNG …the rest r just copycats
    Only 1 Fashion Blog – onobello.com
    Only 1 jobsite – jobberman.com


    • Abdulazeez says:

      That’s what I notice too, we need more… bloggers to talk about other stuffs… anyways my blog is coming soon…… I will put that into consideration. (Need to capture that 200million population)

  20. naijazine_news says:

    Check out http://www.naijazine.com it should also be on your list

  21. Phena says:


    Hey Lovelies… Please do me a favour by liking this page as well as my picture(Tryphena Sojay) to be the next Miss Kogi! Ensure u like the page 1st before liking my pix it will make ur vote valid
    Thanks alot, blessings…. 😘😘

  22. Chaktty says:

    it’s high time you updated this list and I would be glad if you can add http://www.wiFicallingiPhone.com and http://www.healthriskfood.com

  23. Kennethcam says:

    Nice to all…….Do not forget to visit…

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