Kanye West’s Love Song To Kim Kardashian



When Kanye West’s new album with what many would consider a controversial album title, Yeezus, leaked onto the internet early on June 14, everyone immediately wanted to get a dose of the outspoken rapper had to say — especially about his girlfriend and now baby mama, Kim Kardashian. We were not disappointed, as Kanye raps sweeter than ever on the album’s closing song, “Bound 2”.

Over a smooth, old school beat, Yeezy finally addresses his relationship with Kim K, and the results are sweeter than a wedding cake. He even talked about his anticipation to their wedding day, so maybe we should be expecting a wedding cake soon.
“Maybe we could make it to the church steps,” Kanye says, implying that he’s definitely thinking about marriage.

He didn’t end there as Kanye still had more words to say to Kim K as he pours out his heart to his baby mama :
Hey, you remember where we first met?
Okay, I don’t remember where we first met
But hey, admitting is the first step

We love that little bit of humor Kanye is injecting into the romance, and we’re sure Kanye and Kim often laugh about their long history together and the somewhat randomness of their relationship.

Kim’s a mom now as the pair welcomed their first child last night a Kanye was right by her side through it all

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