“It’s an insult to women to say we are equal to men…” Yomi Blacks’ Wife Lashes Out

By Coaj
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Mar 20th, 2017

Popular designer/wedding planner and wife to actor/film maker, Yomi BlackLiz John-Black, recently made her opinion clear via her Instagram page yesterday saying that to compare men and women as equals would be insulting to women.

According to her:

“I strongly feel it’s an insult to women to say we are equal to men, we are not equal to them, we are newer, revised, upgraded beings, man wasn’t good enough, so a woman was created. Don’t mistake the position we took as helpers as though we are less, we are just humble, period! Quote- #lizjohnblack  #proudwoman  #africanwoman  #happysunday  #instafamily  #instagram  #instagrammers  #happynewweek”

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