Get rid of acne with these 5 natural tips

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Jan 4th, 2013

You wake up every morning and look at your reflection in the mirror. You’ve got beautiful eyes and smiles. Yeah, you are beautiful. Well, almost… only if you didn’t have this god-forsaken acne on your face. You were expecting that the fairies of the night would heal them so that you would have a smooth silky skin when you wake up. Alas! They are still here. In fact they are forming a shape on your face like number 9. You feel like a blind man can read braille off your face and tell you what the gods have inscribed on your skin. Millions of people have been on the same road dear. Many try to use anything, harsh chemicals to get rid of the acne on their faces. Only if acid was a cure. naijaPOSE and beautybean bring to you ways to cure your acne naturally, without chemicals that harm your skin.


Eat foods that fight breakouts

90 percent of women don’t notice that their diet contributes to their probability of getting pimples. Yeah. Organic dairy products (milk, cheese etc) contain hormones that cause breakouts. People are usually advised to take very low fat milk or almond milk with cereals. Orange fruits and vegetables (like carrots, sweet potatoes and peaches) are full of blemish-busting vitamin A (it’s what’s responsible for the bright orange hue!), a vitamin that helps encourage cell-turnover, prevents the buildup of dead, pore-clogging cells and, in general, reduces the likelihood of your breaking out! Reduce sugar. I wish i could say this in many ways. Studies have shown that sugar can activate the bacteria in your skin that causes acne! One of the biggest culprits: soda and other sugary beverages. So, replace some of your beverages with water instead for clearer skin stat! Eat Salmon and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, selenium and iron, wild salmon not only helps hydrate your skin from the inside out, but also helps prevent clogged pores too!


Heal From The Inside Out With Chlorophyl

It’s the building block of plants, and ripe with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying ingredients, which is why skincare New York City facialist Cecilia Wong suggests adding a shot of this rich, green, tasteless liquid to a morning glass of water for more beautiful skin from the inside out. What does this mean? Drink spinach or ugwu water every morning.


Calm With Chamomile Tea

Make your own homemade chamomile tea astringent, which, according to Dr. Agnes Olszewski, can help the inflammation associated with acne. Steep 3-4 chamomile tea bags to brew a very strong tea before cooling the tea and using a cotton pad to apply to acne twice a day. Store in your fridge for up to 2 days.


Keep Makeup Sheer

You may feel inclined to use the concealer, but when it comes to taking attention away from a blemish, the trick, according to makeup artist Todra Payne (who names Mariah Carey as a client!), is to keep your makeup as sheer as possible. Draw attention, instead, elsewhere with a swipe of your most stunning eye shadow and a layer of fake lashes so everyone gets lost in your eyes!


Make A Yogurt Mask

When your skin is red, dry, clogged, irritated or inflamed, organic New York facialist Andrea DeSimone suggests applying a thin layer of full-fat Greek yogurt to the area and letting dry before rinsing to immediately improve the appearance of even the most red blemishes.

There’s more. Tell us if you’ve got ideas.


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  1. macsam says:

    Cucumber fruit is also good.Eat lots of it and ur skin will grow

  2. julit says:

    crap! na oyinbo recipe be this. U don see african acne aka pimposss? this shot dont work mehn.

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