Coaj’s Corner: Falz, The Hijab And The Law


Apparently Nigerian singer, Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz The Bad Guy, recently released a music video titled “This Is Nigeria” which is a Nigerian version of the “This Is America” music video by Childish Gambino.

The video shines the light on most of the issues that are plaguing the country at the moment but instead of people to see the video as an avenue or some sort of spark to drive the vehicle of change in the country, some people are castigating his efforts because he used some girls in Hijab as dancers and are threatening to sue him if he doesn’t take down the video.

Now I know I’m about to “shake some tables” but then the truth is bitter; however it is still the truth. Besides I’m entitled to my opinion right? So here’s my two cents about it:

First I believe we should look at the reason he used girls wearing Hijab…It is quite obvious that he was trying to shine the light on the remaining Chibock girls that have not been returned to their parents. A very sad issue that Nigerians have gradually forgotten and put behind them regardless of the fact that these girls are probably just innocent souls that have been forcefully separated from their families, who are most likely still grieving but instead of us to ride on this reminder and push for the remaining (no matter how small) girls to be released, we are fighting his efforts.

Then the major reason behind this fight against the video is the religious aspect of it…Now truth be told, there is no law in the Quran that frowns against this, plus he literally talked about the terrible things that go on in the church and amongst the leader, some were even sexual but you do not see any faction of Christians frowning against it. I totally understand the “different strokes for different people” rule but then let’s call a spade a spade, he in no way verbally or literally say anything about the Muslim community, so instead of trying to create a negative idealism in our minds and in the minds of others, why not we see this from the Humanitarian point of view and fight for the release of these girls and the reunion of families that have been torn apart? I believe the Quran teaches about looking out for our brother not fighting them.

Now let’s talk about the law and the idea of suing him to court; I think those fighting to sue him needs to understand that Falz, unlike most artists, is very much educated and a certified lawyer who comes from a family of lawyers and there is no part of the constitution that says what he did is wrong and even if there is, he has the ability to bury the issue with loads of paperwork and legal loopholes.

Entertainment can seriously be a catalyst of change in any nation or community and I strongly believe that Falz has created a vehicle that we can ride on, to fabricate the change that we so desire, so instead of grappling his efforts, we should actually be commending his efforts and take advantage of it.

As for the girls with Hijab that he used as dancers, I feel we need to move our minds from a state of ambiguity and look at the sole purpose for that and see that it’s actually bigger than our ego or personal feelings and support him for the sake of humanity.

As regards the Law, it is always wise to find out if you can win a case before diving in, so you do not end up looking like a fool in the middle of it.

Overall I believe we can all agree that Falz is a very talented artist that the “This Is Nigeria” video was very creative and inspiring and for those that haven’t seen it yet you can watch for yourself below:

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