Coaj Corner: I AM A NIGERIAN (Revised Edition)



It’s Nigeria’s Independence Day today and in the spirit of patriotism I have decided to share with you a revised edition of one of my previous write-ups titled “I am a Nigerian”


My name is Akpos and am proud to be a Nigerian. My name is most likely the most popular in the country for all the wrong reasons because when people think of it, they laugh due to the local nature of the name but am glad that somehow I make millions of people happy whenever they think of me.
I am a Nigerian, even when people say to change my name and whilst it gives a weird first impression, I still stick to it no matter what. Though people are fighting to tear this country apart for years, yet we stay united. Though we may seem week and shaken, still we manage to hold ourselves together. We may have built a bad reputation outside, yet are still called the giant of Africa.
I am a Nigerian, though I might not have all the money in the world, I still stay strong hold my head up high and never live below my standard.
I am a Nigerian, for despite the poor economy we still proudly produce both richest black man and woman in the world.
I am a Nigerian and am a born leader, though I may not look it but like my country with all its “so called “bad reputations we still remain the leaders of the African union and hold top leadership positions at ECOWAS (Economic community of west African states) and the Common Wealth levels. In places where countries with stronger economies and better reputations have shown weakness, we have shown strength and stayed above them, we lead countries which the world places above us.

The Ebola virus came and before the world could say Jack, we contained it and currently we’re the only nation who has experienced the outbreak but have contained it with minimal casualties.

I am a Nigerian and I never see a closed door, I always find a way to get to where am headed. The world may paint us black and shut their doors against us yet they cannot be without us. I hardly think there is a country in this world where you won’t find a Nigerian and the good thing is, we always dominate.
People may think we don’t dress well yet we own the world’s most expensive suit , they may consider us ugly yet we have produced the most beautiful girl in the universe, they may think us dull yet we go to their countries and beat their best students, people may think we are scared but we laugh at the face of adversity, we always find fun in almost everything that hurts us, we smile when people expect us to frown, we laugh when they expect us to cry, find a way to heal when they expect us to be wounded.
I am a Nigerian and I stay strong no matter what, though the outside world may consider us weak, we still own one of the best ground forces in the world, we go to other countries to create peace though we may be at war within ourselves because we are not selfish.
I will put smiles on the faces of people that are in situations that made me cry, I will ease the pain of people that are hurting though no one cared, I will give to people in need though no one gave to me when I needed, I will feed the hungry though no one fed me when I was hungry, I will be a friend to the lonely though my friends abandoned me when I needed them.
My name is Akpos and I choose to appreciate the good in my country and not castigate it for the bad. I hope and pray that one day I will cause a great change in my country because that’s what Nigerians are made of.

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