Access Bank Boss, Herbert Wigwe, Shows Support For Mo’Hits Reunion Concert On Instagram Live Session With D’Banj


Access Bank CEO, Herbert Wigwe, recently had an Instagram live session with the Koko Master, D’banj, which saw him show his support for the popular but now defunct Mo’Hits group reunion while taking questions from friends, fans on every and anything via Access Bank’s Instagram live feed, with D’banj moderating and taking the questions asked off Instagram.

Read excerpts from his interview below:


D’Banj: Run us through the journey so far.


Herbert: I always knew I wanted to do something interesting, something different, hence my fascination with accounting, and by extension, banking. My mantra is ‘if you do it well, you’ll do well in life’. I believe Access Bank is still in its early stages, having spread across Africa, Europe and Asia, sooner than people know, ‘Access Bank will be the world’s most respected African bank, and everybody will see it.


D’Banj: With so much success, what makes you happy?


Herbert: My joy is hinged on the success of my team, mentees and family. My greatest joy is seeing my guys (the Access Bank team) do well. I am happy when my team is happy. My family and my children bring me so much joy and they are the reason why I work hard. I believe with my knack in ensuring my team succeeds, Access Bank is headed for the top and will be a global institute.


D’Banj: Run us through your typical day.


Herbert: I wake up by 5am every day and the first thing I do is say my prayers, as prayers are very important. I eventually leave the house by 6am to start my daily activities. I also go to the Bank’s gym at least four times a week to keep fit.


D’Banj: What’s a typical day like for the you at Access Bank?


Herbert: Once I get into my office, the first thing I do is check my emails from customers, to ensure that there are no issues, because my customers are my priority. Then I go ahead to do other activities like meetings.


D’Banj: What is Access Bank doing for young people?


Herbert: Access Bank is all about young people, we keep finding ways to support things young people are most interested in, like we have done with the ‘Nolly Fund’ which is geared towards supporting Nollywood – Nigeria’s movie industry. Access Bank is also present in almost every university in Nigeria, this is our way of giving young people a unique banking experience.


D’Banj: Why did you leave GT Bank for Access Bank?


Herbert: I can draw some similarities with D’Banj’s story of leaving Mo’Hits. Leaving wasn’t due to any disagreement, but a need for the creation of an oasis.


D’Banj: This is my personal question. Will Access Bank sponsor the #MoHitsReUnion show in December?


Herbert: This will be a yes because you were missed at the #MavinConcert – sponsored by Access Bank in 2015 – and I am on board 1,000 % to sponsor the Mo’Hits reunion concert.


D’Banj: What football club do you support?


Herbert: There was a time when I used to support football teams, until I realised I was too emotional to participate actively in that endeavour, I remember one time when Arsenal lost to Manchester United and I was so heartbroken by it that I was not able to function properly the next day, so I decided that I wasn’t going to support any team.

The only team I support is the Super eagles because I am very patriotic.


See pictures from the interview session below:

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