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10 Things Men Say, And What They Really Mean!

By naijapose.com
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Jan 29th, 2013
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Tolu Oniru blogs about what men say and what they really mean. Last week, she wrote something on what women say and what they mean. This week she delves into the men. In her words:

Last week I put up a post on10 Things Women Say, And What They Really Mean!and the feedback was quite interesting. I initially received a lot of emails from guys saying well my girlfriend says this or this a lot, please translate, then I started getting emails from women saying, that men are guilty of the same thing i.e saying things they dont mean.

Anyhow after a fair bit of research, I present to you10 Things Men Say, And What They Really Mean!for the ladies out there that need help with theirMartiantoVenusiantranslations.

Please note: These translations are not 100% scientifically proven, but are close enough. A panel of my male friends agreed (ok were coerced) to help with verifying the accuracy of the translations below.

Happy Reading!!


  1. Ill call you later
    Venusian translation:I may or may not call you at some point between now and six months from now.
  2. My ex is crazy
    Venusian translation: I messed up -hurt and infuriated my ex so much, that she turned into a demon.
  3. Thats not what I meant
    Venusian translation:Thats totally what I meant, but now that I see it has made you angry Im going to try my best to wriggle out of this hot spot.
  4. Its a long story
    Venusian translation:The story makes me look bad, and I havent quite figured out how to tell it without making myself look bad, so lets leave it.
  5. That guy seems like a good friend of yours
    Venusian translation:Youve slept with him before havent you? And he really wants to sleep with you again dont tell me you cant see that!
  6. Why are you being so emotional?
    Venusian translation: WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON??
  7. Shes just a friend
    Venusian translation: this could mean just that, but then he could mean Ive slept with her sooo many times you have no idea
  8. Can we talk about this later?
    Venusian translation: I dont want to talk about this again, please free the issue.
  9. I dont want a relationship right now
    Venusian translation:Im just not that into you.
    Painful, but the truth is if he liked you enough, he would change his world to make sure you were a part of it.
  10. Ive got a really early meeting (after youve had sexy time)
    Venusian translation:If you dont know what he means, then you are a Learner, with a bold andcapital L!





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